The world-famous London is the capital of England and the UK.  With 32 boroughs, it is the largest metropolitan area in the UK, and one of the largest urban zone in the European Union. With its 7.51 million inhabitants it is also the UK's most densely populated city - almost 15% of England's population lives in London but geographically it only contains 1.2% of England's total land area.

In the 1900s London was the wealthiest city in the world thanks to a great industrial business and international trade through the Port of London. Contemporary London is still a leading centre for international business; however it is now specialized in financial, leisure and service sectors.

London has experienced continuous migrant waves since early 17th Century, and has a long history of providing sanctuary to people feeling persecution. It is therefore a world city and home to people of a diverse range of cultures, religions and ethnicities.  


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