The MAR research team is a multi-disciplinary group of social scientists and project managers, each with several years research experience combined with front line work with migrants, asylum seekers and refugees in the UK and internationally.

Team members have backgrounds in knowledge transfer, research methods, social sciences, broadcast media, international development and humanitarian work, translation and interpretation, and project management.

Neil Amas is an experienced senior manager and executive director who heads the UK's leading provider of independent information on asylum and refugees, ICAR, and directs ICAR and MAR research projects. He has conducted and published research on community cohesion, the advocacy role of refugee community organisations, disabled refugees, and new migrant housing.  He is currently writing and lecturing on media treatment of asylum seekers and refugees in the UK, based on ICAR's groundbreaking research in this area.  He sits on the Runnymede Trust Academic Forum advising on issues around a multi-ethnic Britain, and until recently served as a trustee for the Detention Advisory Service.  He regularly writes policy response documents across a range of migration and asylum related topics, and has extensive overseas fieldwork experience with refugees.

Julie Gibbs is a highly experienced sociologist and project manager who has worked in social research settings for the past ten years.  Julie has specialist knowledge of survey methods and questionnaires, and software for qualitative data analysis.  She currently sits on the Research Ethics Committee for the School of Social Sciences, City University.  She is pioneering an ICAR seminar series on research methods aimed at non-profit organisations and service delivery organisations in the asylum and refugee field.  She is the co-editor of ‘Social Measurement through Social Surveys: An Applied Approach', Ashgate (forthcoming, 2010).

Jacob Lagnado has research interests that include migrant employment and labour organisation, disability, undocumented migrants, and legal issues in asylum claims.  He has extensive experience in fieldwork coordination and qualitative research techniques, and in 2004-05 was the UK researcher and fieldwork coordinator for the research project ‘A comparative study of mobility and transnational practices between Latin America and Europe', the largest ever survey of Colombians in the UK (University of California / Danish Social Science Research Council).  Since joining ICAR in 2007, he has conducted research on disabled refugees and asylum seekers, the delivery and quality of legal advice for asylum seekers in the UK, and written a number of briefing papers for ICAR.

Gabriela Quevedo is an experienced quantitative and qualitative social science researcher, with many years of practical experience doing community work with marginalized groups in the UK and Venezuela.  A specialist in qualitative research and information work, she has expertise in web content management including handling of php user lists and databases,  a working knowledge of setting up and maintaining networks, and specialized knowledge of SPSS, Visual Fox Pro and Access for database handling and statistical analysis, as well as software for qualitative analysis such as SPAD.N and ATLAS.   Her research interests include the human rights implications of the UK asylum system, refugee destitution, the European legislative and juridical context for refugee status determination, gender and asylum, and new workings of the ‘refugee' category related to environment and gender.  She is currently undertaking research on the financial inclusion of new migrants in Northern Ireland.

MAR also works in collaboration with external research associates to share expertise in a range of specialist migration and asylum issues.