Introduction here.

  • Literature Reviews

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    MAR routinely produces extensive literature reviews at the start of research projects. Typically, a detailed search plan and review structure is offered for comment and approval by the research partner or client prior to work commencing on a literature review.  Many ICAR literature reviews are published as free-standing documents. 

  • Evaluation

    MAR's evaluation work encompasses both process evaluation and impact evaluation.  We help clients to gather and use evidence to improve services and to better communicate the impact of their work to funders and stakeholders.   We are currently carrying out a major process evaluation on the quality of publicly funded asylum legal work in the UK, through engagement with stakeholder groups.  Our recent impact evaluation of the media and communications capacity of black and minority ethnic, refugee and migrant, isolated rural, and faith-based voluntary organizations led to recommendations for increasing their influencing capacity.


  • Focus Groups

    ICAR /MAR use focus groups widely in our attitudinal studies.  The productive interaction between participants in a focus group allow for in-depth development of insights into attitudes, beliefs and reactions in response to the views of other people.   Focus groups allow us to determine not only what issues and views are important around a particular issue but precisely why they are important.  Neil Amas has particular expertise in this area.  He has designed, sampled, and moderated a large number of focus group sessions with asylum seeker and migrant groups, often using interpreters, most recently on the question of confidence in the police among migrant groups.



  • In depth Interviews

    In depth interviews provide the foundation for MAR and ICAR's groundbreaking qualitative research work, many of which are routinely and extensively cited by practitioners and policy makers.  The Cabinet Office's Council on Social Action has recently used our analysis of interview material from ongoing research on the quality of publicly funded legal advice for asylum seekers in its recent report "Time well-spent: The importance of the one-to-one relationship between advice workers and their clients" (2009).

    Our specialisation in issues of asylum and migration means that our researchers are highly competent and experienced in working across language and cultural barriers, and work with interpreters (including sign language interpreters) as standard practice.  We routinely use qualitative data analysis software as the basis for initial analysis and report writing.



  • Online Surveys

    Our senior researcher Julie Gibbs is an expert in the design, administration and analysis of online surveys.  ICAR/MAR has experience of delivering multi-lingual online surveys targeted at migrant populations Iiving in the UK.