The publications below are a selection of our research reports arranged by year.

Eldridge, Sarah et al, (2009) Uncovered: Assessing media and communication needs and capacity of marginalised communities. ICAR.

Morrell, Gareth (2009), Refugee Rights and Responsibilities in the UK, ICAR.

Rahim, Nilufer et al, (2009), Financial Inclusion amongst New Migrants in Northern Ireland, ICAR.

Amas, Neil (2008), Housing, New Migration and Community Relations: A review of the evidence base.  ICAR

Amas, Neil & Jonathan Price, (2008), Strengthening the Voice of Refugee Community Organisations within London's Second-tier Voluntary Sector: Barriers and Opportunities. London Refugee Voice/ICAR.

Morrell, Gareth (2008), Globalisation, Transnationalism and Diaspora: A literature and policy review.  ICAR

Morrell, Gareth (2008), Multiculturalism, Citizenship and Identity: A literature and policy review.  ICAR

Ward, Kim  (2008), Local Experiences of Migration: Consulting Coventry, ICAR

ICAR (2007), Reporting Asylum: The UK Press and the Effectiveness of PCC Guidelines, ICAR

Amas, Neil & Beth Crosland, (2006), Understanding the Stranger: building bridges community handbook. Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation/ICAR.

Esterhuizen, Lea (2004), Doing case studies for the refugee sector: A DIY handbook for agencies and practitioners.  ICAR

Harris, Hermione (2004), The Somali community in the UK: What we know and how we know it, ICAR