About ICAR

Founded by Kirsteen Tait in 2000, and initially based at King's College London, the Information Centre about Asylum and Refugees (ICAR) is an academic research and information organisation based at the Runnymede Trust.

Mission Statement: ICAR aims to encourage understanding, public debate and policy making about Asylum and Refugees in the UK, grounded in accurate and  academically sourced information. 

ICAR aims to:

  • collect and make available independent information on asylum in the UK;
  • undertake research, publish and teach on UK asylum and global refugee issues;
  • generate new thinking on asylum and raise the level of public debate and;
  • provide consultancy expertise to government, practitioners, funders and community organisations.


Last Updated: 16/07/10


ICAR is based at the Runnymede Trust.



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