Analysis of asylum and refugee statistics

ICAR produces occasional papers that provide commentary on and descriptive analysis of UK asylum statistics:

ICAR Key Statistics Paper 1:

Key Statistics about Asylum Seeker Applications in the UK

Updated December 2009

ICAR Key Statistics Paper 2:

Asylum Decision Making and Appeals Process

Updated March 2009


Statistical analysis from other sources

House of Commons Public Accounts Committee (2009): Management of asylum applications report This committee examines the reports made by the Comptroller and Auditor General (C&AG) focusing only on value for money criteria, i.e. economy, efficiency and effectiveness. See also government response  

Kathleen Newland [April 2005] ‘Drop in asylum numbers shows changes in demand and supply’. Washington: Migration Information Source. This article explores the reasons behind the recent drop in asylum applications, analysing the effects of both conflict resolution and stabilisation in countries of origin, and that of legislation in countries of asylum.

National Audit Office [May 2004] Asylum and migration: a review of Home Office statistics. London: NAO. Full report and executive summary . This provides a comprehensive assessment of the quality and reliability of Home Office asylum and migration statistics and a useful explanation of how asylum statistics are generated from administrative data.

Emma Stewart [March 2004] ‘Deficiencies in UK Asylum Data: Practical and Theoretical Challenges’, Journal of Refugee Studies, vol. 17, no. 1. This paper audits the available asylum data in the UK, evaluates the main data sources used by researchers and compares UK asylum data with Australian and Swedish data collection.

Bela Hovy [2002] ‘Statistics on forced migration’. Washington: Migration Information Source. This article explores issues relating to the availability of data on forced migration, and the challenges of data collection and analysis in this field.

UNHCR's New Issues in Refugee Research working paper series includes two working papers on asylum and refugee statistics:





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