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The Information Centre about Asylum and Refugees (ICAR) is an independent information and research organisation based at the Runnymede Trust. To find out more see About ICAR and read the latest ICAR newsletter  


ICAR has now existed for 10 years and in that time a great deal has changed in the asylum and refugee debates. There is a wide range of information now available on the subject, and a number of resources have recently formed looking at wider immigration issues.

In this time of austerity and cuts to charitable funding it has simply not been possible to raise enough money to keep the ICAR web site updated. Runnymede is optimistic about the future of research into asylum and refugee policies and will continue to pursue ICAR's mission of producing impartial information and research on these issues. However, in line with other organisations we have to think hard about how we do this.

In the meantime, the ICAR website will remain online for the coming months and Runnymede will work hard to archive material from it. Users who want to find information on the asylum and refugee fields can find high quality information on the following web sites:

General Information and Statistics:

Migration Observatory

Migrants Rights Network

Refugee Council

Advice and Assistance including legal help:



Asylum Aid


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Asylum Update


ICAR is based at the Runnymede Trust.



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