Asylum Update March 11th 2009

11 March 2009



‘Does Every Child Matter’? is a report launched by the charity Refugee and Migrant Justice (formerly Refugee Legal Centre). It provides a review of asylum seeking children’s experiences in the British legal process after UKBA released its first Code of Practice for keeping children safe from harm. See press coverage by the BBC.

Welsh Refugee Council and Children in Wales produced a report on children in detention. Read the report in English and Welsh. See BBC coverage featuring the Welsh Refugee Council CE, Mike Lewis

A new briefing on destitution: ‘No direction home? The politics of return for refused asylum seekers has been published by Positive Action for Refugees and Asylum Seekers (PAFRAS).

The undocumented workers transition programme (UWT) has released six thematic reports on the issues involved in irregular migration. The research was conducted across seven European countries and was coordinated by the Working Lives Research Institute at London Metropolitan University. Read also the country reports and the European overview.

The International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD) has released the 'REGINE’ study on regularisation practices of irregular migrants in the 27 EU Member States. Read the summary, the full report, the country studies (appendix A), the country profiles (appendix B)  and the statistical annex (appendix C)

The London School of Economics has published its interim report on the economic impact on London and the UK of an earned regularisation of irregular migrants in the UK. The study was commissioned by the Greater London Authority.

The report 'Europe's Shame: a report on 105 deaths linked to racism or government migration and asylum policies' by Liz Fekete is an edition of the European Race Bulletin of the Institute of Race Relations. For more information or to obtain a copy of the report, contact Liz Fekete.

Understanding Immigration and Refugee Policy: Contradictions and Continuities by Sales, R. is a paperback published by the Policy Press and featured in the Journal of Social Policy Vol 38 Part 2

Trauma and migration: a transactional analytic approach towards refugees and torture victims by Mazzetti, M. appears in the Transactional Analysis Journal Vol 38 No 4.

The UKBA Country of Origin Information Service has released new reports on Burma, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Syria, Afghanistan, DRC and Iraq. COI Reports are regularly produced on the 20 countries which generate the most asylum applications in the UK. The new Amnesty International report Challenging Repression- Human Rights defenders in the Middle East and North Africa also covers some of the countries in the top five country of origin of asylum applicants to the UK, namely, Afghanistan, Iran and Iraq.


Policy and Law

A proposed amendment to the new Borders, Citizenship and Immigration Bill would expand the definition of what constitutes an exploited person, to include those who are under the age of 18 year and are ‘subjected to an abuse of power or are in a ‘position of vulnerability’. This proposed new clause on trafficking children for exploitation is line with the recent ratification by the UK government of the Convention against Human Trafficking. See Home Office press release and IAS response.

Duties regarding the welfare of children (clause 51) would also be expanded to include a ‘duty to collect and publish statistics on detention and children’, according to a proposed new clause.  For background, see the Refugee Children’s Consortium written evidence to the Home Affairs Select Committee on the Draft Immigration and Citizenship Bill. The final day of the committee stage took place on the 10th March and the report stage takes place on 25th March where further amendments can be made.

Under the new bill, local authorities would be allocated more funds and have increased their responsibility in the age assessment of children’s who are in detention. Further investigation on how this new funding structure will work has been requested by the House of Lords   



PICUM conference in partnership with MRN and COMPAS: 'Understanding Irregular Migration in Northern Europe', 27th March, Amnesty International Human Rights Action Centre, London.


The Integration of Refugees: Positive Practice for Health Professionals is a new website that has been launched by the Department of Health.

The latest Refugee Studies Centre Library Accessions List, is now available on the RSC website.

A new French film looks at the asylum seekers in Calais seeking to cross into Britain and claim asylum.

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