Asylum Update November 20th 2009

20 November 2009


Making Sense? The Support of Dispersed Asylum Seekers by Brown, P.; Horrocks, C. in International Journal of Migration Health and Social Care Vol 5 No 2.  For abstract contact one of the authors, Dr. Phil Brown

Refugees' Experiences of Home Office Interviews: A Qualitative Study on the Disclosure of Sensitive Personal Information by Bögner, Diana; Brewin, Chris; Herlihy, Jane in the Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, published on 03 November 2009.

The relationship between food insecurity and practical food issues amongst a sample of refugees in Edinburgh by Gillam, L. and Clapham, M in the Journal of Human Nutrition & Dietetics, Vol 22, No 3.

Longing for Stillness: The Forced Movement of Asylum Seekers by Gill, Nicholas in M/C Journal, Vol. 12 No 1.

Hidden Children - separated children at risk - a new research report by Laura Wirtz for The Children's Society.

'Between a rock and a hard place - negotiating age and identity in the UK asylum system' by Heaven Crawley in N. Thomas (ed) Children, Politics and Communication: Participation at the Margins. Bristol: Policy Press.


Policy and Law

New country guidance for Afghanistan has been established in NM (Christian Converts) Afghanistan CG [2009] UKAIT 00045. An Afghan who can demonstrate that he has genuinely converted to Christianity from Islam, is likely to be able to show that he is at real risk of serious ill-treatment amounting to persecution (Source: Garden Court Chambers)

Every child matters change for children'  is the new statutory guidance on asylum seeking children by the UK Border Agency.

On the return of third country nationals, Phil Woolas stated that UK Border Agency current practice is broadly in line with EU policy. However, the UK is not actually participating, nor does it have plans to implement the EU Returns Directive 2008/115/EC



The Lisbon Treaty has been now fully ratified. UK EU Commissioner Catherine Ashton has been selected EU's first "Foreign Minister" or High Foreign Policy Representative, a post created by the Treaty.

On 4th November, detention and deportation of asylum seekers was one of the   Question for Short Debate at the House of Lords.




Friday 20 November, 6:00pm: Art auction in aid of the Medical Foundation for the Care of Victims of Torture

Tuesday 1st December, 6.00pm, Lecture: Refugees, Economic Migration and the Future of the World Economy by Professor Nigel Harris, Council for Assisting Refugee Academics, CARA, at The Museum of London. RSVP to

Tuesday 8th December, 4:00-5:30 pm: Free Seminar ‘Gathering Evidence Effectively'. ICAR Seminar Series 2009-10, at Social Sciences Building, City University. Limited places. Contact ICAR for bookings.



CARA Grants programme is still open.  Deadline for applications is Friday 11th December. For information contact CARA or telephone at  0207 0201 0880

InterACT is a new Citizenship Foundation project working with young refugees and asylum seekers, For further information contact Xenia

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