Asylum Update 11th December 2009

11 December 2009



New book: Romani Politics in Contemporary Europe (Poverty, Ethnic Mobilization, and the Neoliberal Order). Eds: Nando Sigona (Refugee Studies Centre, University of Oxford) and Nidhi Trehan (University College London).

Migration, Public Opinion and Politics by Bertelsmann Stiftung, Migration Policy Institute (eds). Focuses on the UK, Germany and the United States.  

Cultural Differences in Specificity of Autobiographical Memories: Implications for Asylum Decisions by Jobson, L. in Psychiatry, Psychology and Law, Vol 16 No 3.

Justice Denied: the experiences of 100 torture surviving women of seeking justice and rehabilitation is a new report from the Medical Foundation for the Victims of Torture.

Tottels Journal of Immigration Asylum and Nationality Law Vol 23 No 4 contains

  • A Difficult Journey? Immigration Enforcement in Northern Ireland by Latif, N. and
  • Indefinite Immigration Detention: Can it be Justified? By Johnston, C.

 The European Journal of Migration and Law Vol 11; No 4 contains:

  •  Environmental Displacement in European Asylum Law by Kolmannskog, V.; Myrstad, F.
  •  European Asylum Policy - Inclusions and Exclusions under the Surface of Universal Human Rights Language by Pirjola, J.
  • Legislative Update: EC Immigration and Asylum Law Attracting and Deterring Labour Migration: The Blue Card and Employer Sanctions Directives by Peers, S.

 'Welcome to paradise': Asylum seekers, neoliberalism, nostalgia and Lucky Miles by Stratton, J. in Continuum, the journal of media and cultural studies, Vol 23; No 5.

 The European Security Agenda and the 'External Dimension' of EU Asylum and Migration Cooperation by Chou, M. H. in Perspectives on European Politics and Society Vol 10; No 4.

 Facing east: the World ORT Union and the Jewish refugee problem in Europe, 1933-38 by Ivanov, A. in East European Jewish Affairs Vol 39; No 3.

 The European Network Against Racism has released its 2008 Shadow Report on Racism in Europe - a "compilation of grassroots data collected by a large network of NGOs".




Asylum directives: scrutiny of the opt in decisions : by the House of Commons European Union Committee, First report of Session 2009-10.

The Work of the UK Border Agency House of Commons Home Affairs Committee Second Report of Session 2009-10, Vol 1.

The House of Lords has ruled that the courts should decide age assessment issues and this should not be left to local authorities. See also free movement blog.

In the case of a Chechnyan asylum seeker in Bulgaria, the European Court of Justice has ruled that the Returns Directive does not allow a person to be detained for removal purposes  for more than 18 months, although the period during which they are held in a detention centre on the basis of other provisions of national and Community law concerning asylum seekers is separate and should not be counted as part of 18 months.

See also the Sofia Echo




Engaging BME And Refugee Communities: Achieving Effective Cross-Cultural Community Liaison And Collaboration . Ten week course, January - March 2010.

Free one day conference for anyone involved with Refugee Week. Friday 22 January 2010, London. Organised by the Refugee Council.




The Refugee Council's new Impact Report 2008/9 is based on the theme ‘From protection to integration', and features their work in delivering the Refugee Integration and Employment Service (RIES) as well as other services provided.

New Eurasylum monthly policy interview, featuring Mr. Juan Fernando López Aguilar, Chairman of the Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs (LIBE Committee) of the European Parliament, on: "The Stockholm Programme and other strategic issues before the LIBE Committee of the European Parliament".

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