Asylum Update 14th December 2010

14 December 2010


Research and statistics


New from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR):

  • UNHCR Statistical Yearbook 2009 covers statistical developments for seven groups: refugees; asylum-seekers; internally displaced persons (IDPs) protected/assisted by UNHCR; stateless persons; returned refugees; returned IDPs; and others of concern.’


World Migration Report 2010 - The Future of Migration: Building Capacities for Change by the International Organisation for Migration (IOM). See also New Internationalist debate: Should nation-states open their borders to refugees and migrants?

Separated, asylum-seeking children in European Union Member States – a comparative report by the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights

Ending the Detention of Children: Developing an Alternative Approach to Family Returns by Heaven Crawley, Centre for Migration Policy Research (CMPR) at Swansea University.

Financial Inclusion amongst New Migrants in Northern Ireland – report by ICAR in collaboration with Citizens Advice Belfast, and written by Julie Gibbs. More details here and in the CAB Belfast press release

The Coming of a Stranger: asylum seekers, trust and hospitality in a British city by Christine Goodall. UNHCR New Issues in Refugee Research, Research Paper No. 195.

Beyond Extremism and Ideology: The Unanticipated Constructive Roles played by North African Islamists and Jihadis in Contemporary British Society by Jonathan Githens-Mazer, Includes sub-section on ‘Britain as safe space.’ George Mason University Global Migration and Transnational Politics Working Paper no. 16.

Hope costs nothing: the lives of undocumented migrants in the UK (2010 report) published by the Migrants Resource Centre.

Black Africans in Britain: Integration or segregation? research report by Dr Lavinia Mitton and Peter Aspinall (University of Kent). See also ESRC press release

Bonds, Bridges and Links: Exploring the role of how a community centre can strengthen the social capital of Iraqi and British elders for improved health and psychosocial wellbeing  by Aliza Amlani. LSE Migration Studies Unit Working Papers No 2010/02.

Human rights, sex work and the challenge of trafficking (human rights impact assessment of anti-trafficking policy in the UK). A report by the X:talk Project, including discussion of the use of the detained fast-track asylum process in trafficking cases.


Law and policy


UNHCR statement to EU and FRONTEX on access to asylum procedures

EU Presidencies common statement on immigration and asylum and reaching a Common European Asylum System by 2012, together with UK Home Secretary Theresa May’s response.

Immigration under Labour by Tim Finch and David Goodhart (eds) I a collection of essays by former ministers and other commentators, published by the Institute for Public Policy Research (ippr).

UK Border Agency response to Refugee Action's 'Free to be me' campaign on the removal of gay asylum seekers.

Rioting detainees: who pays? statutory interpretation and the shackles of the past by David Feldman in the ‘case and comment’ section of Cambridge Law Journal Vol 69 No 3.

In parliament:



Friday 17 December:  How Long is Indefinite? Detention without time limit in the UK documentary premiere, London.

Friday 11 February What does the "Big Society" mean for migrant communities? COMPAS breakfast briefing, London.








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